MadStrange Recordings, an independent record label founded in Oceanside, California, emerged in 2014 as a creation of the visionary Ximenez brothers, Andres and Daniel. The label embodies a distinct ethos, often referred to as the "MadStrange way," characterized by a grassroots movement and a do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude that encapsulates the spirit of creativity, resilience, and community.

Andres and Daniel Ximenez, brothers with a shared passion for music, laid the foundation for MadStrange Recordings. Their journey began in the vibrant coastal town of Oceanside, where they harnessed their collective vision to create a platform that celebrated raw talent, independence, and the power of organic growth.

**The MadStrange Way:**
At the core of MadStrange Recordings is the MadStrange way—a philosophy that encourages artists to create, innovate, and build from the ground up. This DIY ethos emphasizes resourcefulness, urging artists to complete projects with the tools at hand while simultaneously staying attuned to evolving marketing trends. The MadStrange way champions the fusion of authenticity and strategic marketing, empowering artists to leverage their talents and strengths to cultivate genuine and lasting fanbases.

**Grassroots Movement:**
MadStrange Recordings operates as a grassroots movement, eschewing conventional industry norms in favor of a more intimate and direct connection with artists and fans alike. The label believes in the power of community-building, fostering a network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for music and creativity.

**Organic Fanbases:**
Central to MadStrange Recordings' success is the commitment to building organic fanbases. By prioritizing authenticity and artistic integrity, the label encourages artists to connect with audiences on a personal level, transcending the traditional boundaries between creators and their supporters.

**Evolution and Innovation:**
MadStrange Recordings embodies an ever-evolving entity that stays on top of trending marketing strategies while embracing the unconventional. The label thrives on innovation, ensuring that its artists are not only in tune with current industry trends but also at the forefront of shaping the musical landscape.

As MadStrange Recordings continues to carve its unique path in the music industry, the Ximenez brothers and their roster of artists exemplify the spirit of the MadStrange way—where passion, authenticity, and resourcefulness converge to create a movement that transcends the boundaries of traditional music labels.


Bishop Snow

Stephanie Astorga


Dezzy Hollow (2014-2023)

Dezzy Hollow was associated with MadStrange Recordings from 2014 to 2023. Together, we successfully built a robust fan base and garnered an impressive 58 million views.