Dezzy Hollow 
Recording Artist 
Born and raised in Oceanside, California, Dezzy Hollow has always been influenced by his environment and music. From a young age, he was inspired by the transformative sounds of G Funk, hip-hop and West Coast rap. This inspiration would later build his style and the sincerity in his own artistry. In 2015, he released the Soul Food Project and followed 2016 with the release of the Beyond Reach EP. In March 2017 he released his most recent project, Stay Current. Much of Dezzy's music focuses on his life experiences and the lives of those close to him. Never one to shy away from vulnerability with honesty, he consistently builds up his word play around the sounds that initially influenced his musical career while creating his own authentic sound. His authenticity and ability to draw on the original vibrations of G Funk and West Coast rap is responsible for his growing fan base. In 2017, the 25-year old rapper collaborated with fellow artists, Kap G, Mitchy Slick and traveled internationally to create music with rappers Akapellah and Aleman. With an inextinguishable work ethic, Dezzy is always driven to give more of himself to his fans and has developed a constant habit of releasing unique and compelling content via YouTube. With more than 11 million total views and over 70K subscribers on YouTube and a growing presence on all social platforms, the rapper continuously connects with his fans by creating distinct content and has garnered a worldwide fan base. 
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Justin "Jrolz" Coogley 
Producer/ Recording Engineer 
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